Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kaupina Forum - why people wear only komanam during haircuts

In villages, during haircut, one has to wear only komanam and sit in the back yard to have haircut. But in cities it may not be possible, but wearing komanam is possible . After reaching home from the saloor, one should remove all the dress and wear komanam and apply oil and take bath . Especially, during oil bath , it is mandatory to wear komanam.

Ultimately, what is required, is that komanam is mandatory for gents and komanam purusha lakshanam.

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  1. It is a healthy habit. Wearing komanam was a mandatory procedure in olden days.After the arrival of mordern underwear it has faded away.There are people still use komanam as their inner wear now and most of them shy away in using it if they have interest also. It is a good support for male genitals.